PrecisionCut Instruments Quality Assurance  

• Material : All instruments are made of high quality, durable "SS 420 and / or SS 304 Grade Stainless Steel" confirming to relevant standards.

• FINISH : All instruments are subjected to various stages of Finishing as rough grinding, smooth grinding, final polishing. The instruments are perfect without any scratches, pitting's, excessive materials and imperfection of surface. The stainless steel is passivated to give corrosion resistance.

• Inspection & Tests : The following inspection and tests are conducted to assess the functional suitability.

• Autoclaving : Repeated autoclaving and sterilization to check for corrosion resistance and thermal resistance.

• Sharpness : Cutting and scooping of bones and flesh of animals by knives, scoops, curettes, gouges to ascertain their sharpness.

• Forceps : Scalpel Blades and Knives : Tested by cutting soft chemois leather.

• Cutting Scissors : All the cutting scissors tested to cut 4 layers of gauze cloth, cotton wool.

• Scalpel Blades and Knives : Tested by cutting soft chemois leather.

• Clamps : All clamping instruments are tested by holding on a fine tissue paper with ratchet closed to check for holding capability. Also are clamped on a hard rubber or tanned leather with ratchet closed and kept for 24 hours to check for improper engagement of serrations, ratchet hardness and internal cracks.

• Load Test : Load test is performed to assess the capability of the instrument to withstand the pressure ( For retractors and dissecting forceps ).

• Packing : All instruments are suitably and carefully packed to avoid any damage during the transportation and final deliveries at the destinations.

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