Micro-Surgical Instruments : Brand PrecisionCut  

Micro Surgical Instruments are designed and crafted for precision ophthalmic surgeries. With the advent of micro surgeries, the demand for instrument accuracy has come under close scrutiny. "Good Enough" is literally not good enough! One has to be 10X or better.

As we know, you need ease and precision in every step of whatever surgery you do. Be it a cataract surgery, Small Incision, ECCE, ICCE, Retinal surgery or even DCR. Your instruments must meet your requirement of accessing hard to reach area, holding, cutting and managing various tissues on your way in or out of surgery.

PrecisionCut instruments are manufactured keeping you the surgeon in focus. Each instrument goes through rigorous quality check and get certified before shipped out to customers. Right from the raw material to the finished product, the best and perfect are the only ones accepted. We understand that as a surgeon your stakes are high. We make our instruments to match.

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